Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bad Day at the Office?

I've decided I'm ok with what happened that day! Bad stuff happens, everyone knows that! No one forced me to train to become a paramedic! I'm doing it because I care! I want to help people!

Unfortunately, there are some people out there that we can't help, whether by their own choice or simply because we were too late! It's sad but I know we won't always be sent out to people who we know are going to get better, or who, after a simple operation, will be running around again with their broken arm fixed! If that were true what would be the point in our work? People could make their own way to hospital!

But no, we're here for those who really need us! People who invite us into their lives when theirs are at their most vulnerable! Sometimes it's easy to forget that when we're busy rushing around to the 'boring' jobs that don't really require any of your fancy skills!

Maybe most of our job is to be there, just in case! Just in case someones child crashes their car! Just in case someones grandma collapses in the street! Just in case your partners medical condition takes a turn for the worse! Wouldn't you want to know that someone is always there, just in case?

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