Thursday, 28 October 2010

Another blog!

I've been a student for five weeks now! I've eaten beans on toast, noodles, take aways and microwave food! Had lots of money thrown at her from Student Finance (thank you!) Stayed in bed till lunchtime! Had a few lectures! Met lots of new people! Learnt loads of new stuff! I've even found out where the library is!
So yeah, uni life is going well! Work load isn't too much at the moment but it's getting there, just lots of information to remember! If I ever start checking your pulse, shining a torch in your eye, poke or prod you, just go along with it! It's all in the name of education! Last week I also checked out Staffordshires best tourist attraction aka. Alton Towers with people from uni! I ended up sitting next to the person that screamed all the way round the ride! *guilty look* Was well fun! =)
Usually on a Thursday night you can find me at! Where I am a sidekick on Rimmerama! This is fun! I get to talk about random stuff on the radio and meet some cool bands/artists! One day I may even learn how to open the door to the studios!
Tuesday is home group day! We tend to eat chocolate through the evening and I even got prayed for about the fact I support West Brom (we haven't lost a game since, thanks Barry!) At last weeks group we talked about worship and how we should listen to what God has to say rather than just talking or singing to Him! (Something I need to do more of) I got in my car to go home and my stereo stopped working! Who said God was distant and didn't care?!
During the course we're starting with the basics of emergency care! If you were to collapse in front of me (please don't!) I could keep you breathing, find out how bad your pain is, move you, check you still had a heart beat, find out how unconscious you actually are, all while not giving you an infection! =) Three more weeks and I get to wear a bright yellow jacket and go in an ambulance! Can't wait!

Monday, 11 October 2010

I'm sorry!

I'm gonna start this blog by apologising for the lack of bloggage recently! Truth is, I kinda had an idea for one blog and ran out of inspiration, but had lot's of perspiration, so I smell really bad now :)
But I have started three drafts so there may be stuff up soon!
In the meant time, read this, it's good.
Even this blog was written with some help! Thanks John!
No problem, happy to help.
Once again, I am sorry! Please bare with me, normal service will resume again shortly!