Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The First Blog!

Welcome to my first ever blog! =)
This year has been one of lots of 'firsts' so I've decided to blog about it! I'll also use this blog to let people what I'm up to at university! I hope it's not too boring for you!

So at the beginning of this year I had an interview for university! This was my first ever uni interview! Which is a big thing for me as I used to be Miss 'I wouldn't go to uni even if you paid me'! I still don't like the fact everyone is being pushed into going to uni when they leave college! We need cleaners, fast food workers, bin men and British call centre workers in this country so what's the point in going to uni first?
It was also the first time I got rejected from a uni but God has His hand in it and did what we asked when my my uncle dropped me off and prayed that God would make it clear which uni He wanted me at! I did, however, get into another university so it's all good!

In March I took my driving theory test! Which, by the way, is a load of rubbish! I passed this and a few months later took my practical test for the first time, which I also passed! To add to this I also got my first car, who I called Gershwin! (No, I don't know why that name either!) The day after passing my test I also ran over a pigeon! Hopefully, it's the first and last time I'll be doing that!

After some hoo-har I finally got me my first adult passport! This meant I could go on an aeroplane for the first time! I went on said aeroplane to Romania - my first time there! It was bostin! I had such an awesome time and it was great to see and hear what God was doing there and in the childrens lives! No doubt this wasn't the last time I'll be in Romania!

Just before going away I worked my last shift in theatres! About a month before was the first time I ever handed in a resignation letter! I loved working there and made friends with lots of the best people ever! Thank you! I also learned loads of useful stuff that will help me in the future!

The day after, I had my first appointment with a physiotherapist! He told me I have "fantastic" hips and knees! I just have funny feet! So next month I've go and be measured for insoles! Makes me feel special! =)

This month I will be moving out of home and going to university for the first time! It's going be exciting and scary but I am looking forward to it all! It will be a new, big adventure for me!

This is my first blog of many and in them you can follow my progress as I become a parameduck! Enjoy! =)


  1. why parameduck?

  2. Great first blog.
    Looking forward to hearing about your university life.
    Good Luck